Our Mission

Our Vision

At Talented Women, our mission is to support employers in the quest to create a strong and impressive pipeline of Talented Women, ensuring we have a positive impact on the future of diversity conscious corporates. We partner with organisations to identify, attract, develop and retain Talented Women, in support of gender diversity strategies.

Our business strives to advocate for and support professional women seeking strategic direction in developing your career and reaching your full potential. We support Talented Women by career counselling and coaching, and represent when seeking a new job opportunity to enhance and advance a career. 

Talented Women offers talent and recruitment services from Sydney NSW as part of the Changing Places HR group of companies. Others in our group include mums@work and parents@work (also championing women in the workplace), which means we have extensive insight into the unique demands of working mothers and carers. This is why we are dedicated to promoting organisations that offer flexible and part-time work as well as established best practice family friendly cultures.

We envisage a future where employers embrace family values and celebrate the success of having an inclusive, gender balanced culture. 

"If we want gender balance to be the norm in our organisations, we must create the conditions and cultures that enable both men and women to thrive." Male Champions of Change

Some Australian Statistics*

• Female graduates earn $2K less on average than male graduates 
• 35.3% of full-time and 55.1% of casual employees are women
• 45.8% of all employees are women
• 11.8% of CEO’s are women
• 34.4% of managers are women
• 51 ASX 200 companies do not have a woman on their Board
• On average, women earn 17.5% less than men based on ordinary full time earnings
• 24% of new appointments to ASX200 boards in 2012 were women
• Female labour force participation is 59% - males is 72%
• Between March 1996 and June 2011, the number of men with caring responsibilties taking FWA’s grew from 26% to 40%
* 2012 report WGEA (Workplace Gender Equality Agency) – formerly EOWA

Why is it important to champion Talented Women?

Benefits of a Gender Diverse culture*

Improved risk management and corporate governance 
• Improved organisational performance

• Companies with more women in executive management have been shown to financially outperform companies that have no women in
senior roles
• Women bring different leadership skills and behaviours to the table
• Diverse teams are smarter and more effective
• More women in leadership roles provides motivation for women to succeed

• Diversity programs have a positive impact on engagement and morale
• Greater diversity in organisations reduces staff turnover

Various sources, cited from Melbourne Business School research gender equality project, 2013, Professor Robert Wood, Centre for Ethical Leadership