Permanent Talent

We are connected to an extensive network of Talented Women. We can conduct targeted Search and Selection for female leaders, and ensure your recruitment shortlists include the most Talented Women in the market. We will also proactively share market intelligence about Talented Women available for employment.

Interim Talent

We can help fill maternity leave contracts, part-time or flexible contract opportunities, and any other specific contracting needs, when a Talented Woman can add value to your organisation.

HR Consulting

Beyond the recruitment of Talented Women, we provide leadership coaching to our Talented Women network and Career Counselling services. We also conduct strategic reviews of recruitment and talent management practices with respect to gender diversity.

Talented Women

We want to be connected to you if you are a Talented Woman in a professional career, seeking a trusted advisor for your career needs. We partner with diversity conscious corporates in their recruitment process to ensure the most Talented Women are included on their shortlists. 

Contract and permanent career opportunities are on offer. We can introduce you to a wide range of organisations.

We can help with your CV preparation and remuneration advice.

If you are a Talented Woman on maternity leave and seeking advice on negotiating or finding a flexible work arrangement upon returning to work, connect with us for a confidential discussion.

Or, if you are after career counselling or personal coaching services, connect with us now.